Table of Contents
Introduction (Read Me First)

1. General Cytopathology 11.  Kidney
2. Female Genital Tract 12. Urine
3. Lower Respiratory Tract 13. Intraabdominal / Pelvic Lesions
4. Mediastinum 14. Cerebral Spinal Fluid
5. Body Cavity Fluids 15. Stereotactically-Guided Brain Biopsies 
6. Alimentary Tract 16. Breast 
7. Pancreas 17. Lymph Nodes
 8. Extrahepatic Bile Ducts 18. Salivary Glands
 9. Liver 19. Thyroid
10. Adrenal 20. Subcutaneous Lesions


(The pre-test must be completed prior to attending the Institute.)


Special Chapter Unknown Cases

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