The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

Making an Appointment / Information for Patients

Patient Handbook

You can schedule an appointment with a Johns Hopkins Physician, or you can make your appointment through the Johns Hopkins Multidisciplinary Clinic. To schedule an appointment with a Johns Hopkins physician, please contact one of the physicians listed below.

If you are not sure/uncertain whom to call, please contact the Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cancer Clinic, at 410-933-PANC (410-933-7262), or the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center’s main appointment number at 410-955-8964.

In addition, information for patients and family members (including such things as hotel accommodations) and for international patients, as well as information on the deluxe accommodations of Hopkins' Marburg Pavilion is available.

Meet Our Team

Michael Goggins
Mimi Canto
-Diagnostic Imaging-
Elliot Fishman, MD
Karen Horton, MD
-Pain Management-
Michael A. Erdek, MD
-Nurse Clinicians-
Lindsay Parish