The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

How can a vaccine work for Pancreatic Cancer?

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We have created this section of our Web site to explain the new pancreatic cancer vaccine developed at Johns Hopkins. We hope this section adds to your understanding of how the vaccine is made and how it works.

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This cancer vaccine, unlike vaccines for childhood infections, is a vaccine used to treat existing disease. Pancreatic cancer must already have been diagnosed for this vaccine to work. The vaccination causes an immune response that targets the pancreatic cancer. We can think of this as a battle between the immune system and the pancreatic cancer.

Several clinical trials have been conducted at Johns Hopkins to evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine. Please contact one of the indivuals listed below to find out if there are currently any ongoing clinical trials for which you may be eligible. Patients with bile duct cancer or neuroendocrine tumors or islet cell cancer are not eligible.