The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

A Message of Hope

On Saturday March 24, 2013, members of the Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. affiliates of PanCAN visited the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center at Johns Hopkins. Approximately 50 patients, family members and advocates visited. The morning started with welcoming remarks by Teresa Barth and Marsha Balsinger from PanCAN, and an introduction by Dr. Ralph Hruban from the Hopkins team. The visitors then broke up into eleven small groups for small informal meetings with the doctors, scientists and health care providers from Hopkins. Each group spent 10-15 minutes with a member of the Hopkins team, and then moved to the next team member. Dr. Hruban described it as "speed dating!" Most importantly, the PanCAN visitors got a close-up and personal tour of the labs, met and chatted with a number of the world leaders in pancreatic cancer care and research, and learned about the multidisciplinary pancreatic cancer clinic at Johns Hopkins. During the day participants were given the opportunity to record a message for this iPad application. The video presented here is a "collage" of some of their many beautiful remarks. While we could not include everything recorded, we hope that their words provide a "message of hope."